Advocacy Centre for Tenants Ontario and Tenant Duty Counsel Program

Free Legal Advice for Tenants

If you are a tenant and you have received a Notice of Hearing from the Landlord and Tenant Board, please sign up below to receive a call back from Tenant Duty Counsel in your area before your hearing.


Your information will be kept confidential. Signing up on this page does not make you our client or create a lawyer/client relationship until you have been contacted and provided with legal advice.

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Le Advocacy Centre for Tenants Ontario s'est engagé à offrir un milieu de travail sûr, sain, inclusif et respectueux. Les comportements abusifs, menaçants, harcelants ou discriminatoires, y compris les remarques ou gestes racistes, sexistes, homophobes, capacitistes ou xénophobes, ne seront pas tolérés et pourront entraîner le refus du service.